Safeway Delivery Service 1-800-681-0199ReliabilityThe Cornerstone of Our Success

Safeway Delivery Service 1-800-681-0199 is committed to providing delivery services with reliability and greatest value to our customers.

Our knowledgeable employees will help guide you through any delivery they perform with an unparalleled honesty that you don’t find just anywhere. Call us today and we’ll show you why we’re different. 410-884-8550

With our vast knowledge, extensive experience, modern equipment and reliable fleet, we guarantee our customers will have the right solution for all their delivery needs.

Safeway Delivery Service is one of the leading customer-oriented companies in the Delivery Service industry since 1987. Our drivers are bonded and insured for cargo, liability, auto and worker’s compensation.

We have all the proper licenses and a $2 million insurance policy to protect your merchandise at all times.